Neighbourhood Watch
Colin I. Freeman MITOL
Essex Watch Liaison Officer – West LPA
Member: Essex Security & Fire Protection Association
Direct Line: 01279 621862 Internal Ext: 318383
Fax: 01279 625440 Internal Fax: 318335
Essex Police, Epping Police Station, 230 High Street, Epping, Essex. CM16 4AP

Essex Police Non-emergency Telephone No: 101

Chigwell Park Estate Neighbourhood Watch coordinator:
Margaret Lakey
020 8500 5242


Chigwell is a beautiful place to live and we have many benefits in terms of location. One aspect however that has arisen to consider is security. Often taken for granted. Recently there has sadly been more emphasis on crime in the area and many new NHW groups have been set up. The advantage of an official NHW is not only the community aspect but the significant support from the police. Some residents have even received discounts on their home and car insurance as a member of a NHW in their area.

 NHW in Chigwell would like you to consider some aspects of security that may get overlooked

Are you a member of a NHW group? If not please feel free to contact us and we can guide you towards your listed co-ordinator. If there isn’t a co-ordinator in your road maybe we can set up a new watch. Email

  • Do you have security gates? If so have you considered how the police, neighbours or fire service can access your property? Burglars often enter through the back of a house which infact leaves the front very vulnerable as no one can access a gated property without a key. Please consider having a named key holder that can be contacted should an incident arise. NHW members don’t ignore alarms, they go to check the property where an alarm is triggered. If an intruder is inside a property a neighbour can ensure that they are not given enough time to damage anything further and it often can scare them off.
  • Light switch timers – These are easy to install and cost effective. When you are out these can switch on lights at a chosen time and ensure your property is not left in the dark. There are various types of timers available, we suggest you consider a brand which has been approved by the fire service.
  • Please ensure you take your rubbish bins inside away from your side entrances as soon as possible after collection has been made. Thieves use these to gain access to the back of your property and also as an escape route.
  • Being neighbourly – If you hear an alarm activated on your road, please don’t ignore it. Many burglaries have been prevented and thieves caught by the simple act of being a thoughtful neighbour. Ring the doorbell continuously and knock on the door, this will unsettle any intruder inside. Always be safe and don’t attempt to access the property without police assistance. Remember to always take your mobile with you, you may need to call the police if you witness a crime is in progress or call the neighbour to alert them their alarm has been activated and their property is safe. Imagine how you would feel if your alarm was activated?

You can access further information about security and safety at the event held for Essex residents in May – see details below. The police will be there to take any questions. Please do attend and remember to book your place in advance so you can receive helpful tips and products (free) that will help you stay safe and your security up to date.



DON’T BE FOOLED! Please see the following from:
Colin I. Freeman MITOL
Essex Watch Liaison Officer – West LPA
Member: Essex Security & Fire Protection Association
Community cohesion consultant to the voluntary sector

Direct Line: 01279 621862 Internal Ext: 318383

Rogue traders are people who call at your door pretending to be qualified tradespeople and offering to do work on your home.
They may seem friendly and persuasive but too often they target vulnerable elderly people and carry out poor quality household repairs to roofs and driveways

They may claim to know your neighbours and have done work for them but often the work they promise to complete didn’t need doing in the first place.
Essex Police are working with Essex County Council and Age UK Essex as part of a campaign to warn residents to ‘Be Sure at the Door’.

You decide whether you need any work done to our house, not them. Free fridge magnets with advice on how to avoid cold callers are available from your local library and GP surgery.

If you think you’ve been taken in by a rogue trader, please let us know by calling 101, contacting Trading Standards on 08454 040 506 or talk to a friend or relative.

Take a look at our advice to make sure you don’t fall victim to a rogue trader.
A genuine trader won’t:-
Call without an appointment
Ask you to go to the bank to withdraw cash or make a money transfer
Offer to take you to the bank to withdraw cash for payment
Ask you to pay in full before the work is complete
Insist that you make a decision about the work they’re offering to do on the spot
Bully or scare you into doing the work
If you do think you need some work doing:-
Contact a Buy With Confidence accredited trader
Get a number of quotes
Get a written estimate detailing exactly what work will be carried out, how much it will cost and what the terms of payment are
Take your time to make sure you’re happy with what you’re undertaking – ask a trusted friend/relative for advice or ring the Buy with Confidence number 08454 040506.

As well as calling at your door and offering to carry out work on your home, other rogue traders try to sell poor quality goods for highly inflated prices.

It can be difficult to refuse some sales people on your doorstep and you can be pressured into buying something you do not want or that is not good value for money.

It is your doorstep and your decision and we would advise people to follow a few simple steps to help them handle any high pressure techniques.
1. Check the trader’s identity: were you expecting them? If not, but you are interested in what they are selling, ask them to come back at a more convenient time and try to have another person with you.
2. Take control: you ask the questions and try to remember that it is a business situation.
3. Be aware that doorstep sellers are not your friends: watch out for clever sales techniques where you may be made to feel like you have lots in common.
4. Don’t sign on the spot: even if it means that you could lose a ‘special discount’. Take time to reflect, think about your purchase and shop around.
5. You have a right to cancel: If you do purchase something for more than £35 from doorstep sales people you have 7 days to change your mind. This information should be given to you in writing by the sales person.
6. If in doubt, ask the person to leave: phone Consumer Direct or Essex County Council Trading Standards on 08454 040 506 for further advice.

You can also contact Essex Police using the non emergency number: 101
If you feel threatened by a sales person in your own home call 999.
Dc Alan Philips said: “Rogue traders often target vulnerable members of the community offering household property services. Using any method to obtain as much money as possible, they will often only do the job to a poor standard or not undertake the work at all.”

Reductions in Policing Residents said they did not want to have further reductions in police patrols in the locality, and are worried by reports of local police stations closing and of reductions of 70% in the PCSOs in EFDC. Councillors at the meeting said that they were anxious that the provision at Limes Farm in particular were sustained and funded fully.

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