Welcome to the CRA!
We seek to represent the interests of residents within the Parish of Chigwell, including Chigwell Village, Chigwell Row and Grange Hill and to protect the integrity of the area. Our aim is to seek the views of people in our community and provide a voice for those who care about the village and want to make it a better place to live and work in. We are a voluntary organisation that represents around 300 households in Chigwell but need more residents to join both to make our voices louder when seeking to protect the village and to help with raising funds to enable us to function effectively. We also need the input of and feedback from residents on local issues relating to issues such as planning and development, highways, transport and parking      
Chigwell Parish Council Meeting

Chigwell Parish Council will be holding their planning meeting this Thursday 28th November at 7.30pm.

Many applications to be discussed, to include the important Chigwell Primary School site.

All are welcome !!

Check out CPC website here for full agenda.

Road Closure

Vicarage Lane will be closed from Monday 25th November for 12 days

Current News

A message From Essex County Fire and Rescue Service!

Dear Sir / Madam

We need your help to reach your local community and your Councillors.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has launched a public consultation - a ten minute survey asking the public of Essex about how our future priorities are delivered

While our primary focus will always be to prevent emergencies and protect our most vulnerable residents, this consultation is a chance to tell us what matters to you and what approach you think we should take.

The responses we get from this consultation will enable us to develop an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) in the New Year. An IRMP is a plan that assesses the risks we face and sets out how we plan to lessen them to ensure we deliver the right resources at the right time, in the right place.

To have your say, visit: http://www.essex-fire.gov.uk/irmp The consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 13 December 2019.

To help us reach as many people in Essex as possible, we would appreciate your support in sharing our public consultation with both your parish / town councillors and your local community.

If you have any questions or comments please email lRMP@essex-fire.gov.uk

Thank you for your support.

James Palmer

Assistant Director (Prevention and Protection)

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service



Neighbourhood Watch 

Chigwell is a beautiful place to live and we have many benefits in terms of location.  One aspect however that has arisen to consider is security.  Recently there has sadly been more emphasis on crime in the area.  The advantage of an official NHW is not only community aspect but the significant support from the police.  Some residents have received discounts on their home and car insurance as a member.    Please contact Chigwell NHW for more information on their new contact details:  nhw@mychigwell.co.uk

Click here  for further information

Neighbourhood Plan

The Chigwell Neighbourhood Plan is now in its final form

Click  Chigwell Neighbourhood Plan  to view

Domino Pizza (old HSBC site)
CRA have just heard that Domino Pizza appealed to the Inspectors and were successful for the old site of HSBC in Brook Parade.

When they first applied they met strong objections from residents and the Parish Council and as a result the District refused planning permission however, they have appealed and have been granted approval by the inspector.  CRA have contacted Parish and district councillors on this matter and will keep you advised

Save the Date
Come and chat on Saturday 21 st December between 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at Chigwell Library. For senior residents but all are welcome. Mince pies and mulled wine available.




See up to date progress at https://eppingforest.consultationonline.co.uk/faqs/  and open ‘the local plan making process’

EFDC has completed consultations on their Draft Local Plan in December 2016 and they are analysing the feedback received and will revise the Draft Local Plan accordingly. The revised Local Plan will then be published for a six week period June/July 2017.  There will be an opportunity at this stage to make representations on the, ‘soundness’ of the Local Plan, i.e. whether the Council has followed the correct procedures and stages as set out by Planning legislation.

In November 2017 the Council will then submit the Draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspector for independent examination, and subject to any alterations required by the Inspector, the aim is for this to be adopted by Autumn 2018.

Contacts from CRA members regarding the Local and the Neighbourhood Development Plans (January 2017)
The consultation periods for both EFDC’s Local Plan and Chigwell Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan have now concluded, and we have had quite a few contacts from residents in Chigwell to tell us about the issues they regard as the most important ones.

The vast majority of comments to us are in favour of putting new housing in Chigwell on smaller sites which are more concealed, and would have less visual impact. It was also the view of most of the members who contacted us that it was crucial to avoid those sites proposed in either the Local Plan (LP) or Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – or in some cases in both- which would add to the daily traffic congestion in the centre of Chigwell or on the main arterial roads from there into Redbridge. There is a real fear about the increasing gridlock at rush hours and its growing costs to the local economy and the wellbeing of our community.

There is also very strong feeling that it is vital to retain all open green spaces. In the previous consultation in 2012 residents stated that their top priority was to retain all open green spaces, that the strategic Green Belt around Chigwell had to be maintained, and that Chigwell must not be merged with nearby suburbs and settlements.

Therefore there has been almost total opposition to the proposal in the LP to build 210 houses on the green spaces at Limes Farm, or at Chigwell Convent on High Road.

For the same reasons, there is great opposition to building on Chigwell Nursery - particularly with the daily additional traffic coming from the adjacent West Hatch School, plus the autistic school and housing being built in Luxborough Lane. The Chigwell Nursey site is also proposed in the NDP.

For these reasons, residents contacting us have been opposed to many of the proposed sites in the LP, but more in favour of the majority of sites put forward in the NDP.

It is really important that residents in Chigwell have contacted BOTH EFDC and Chigwell Parish Council (CPC) to voice their opinions. One of the real dangers is that if the responses to the consultations are very low in numbers then EFDC will assume that Chigwell residents are in agreement with simply all the EFDC’s own proposals, and merely then just incorporate them all into their final plan.

 They need to be informed by the choices of the residents of Chigwell in favour of options in the NDP for smaller, more dispersed sites further out.

Although some of these sites are Green Belt, we believe that CPC’s criteria for green belt sites actually stands up better than EFDC’s attempts to justify green open spaces on which to build. The total required in the NDP is about 1%, which is the same as that in the LP.

The best options for Chigwell are smaller housing sites, further away from the worst daily traffic congestion spots, and with less visual impact on the existing character of Chigwell.

We feel that the NDP is fundamentally sound, and therefore that its main sites should  be adopted into the LP.


Programme for Local Plan (January 2017)
See up to date progress at https://eppingforest.consultationonline.co.uk/faqs/  and open ‘the local plan making process’

EFDC has completed consultations on their Draft Local Plan in December 2016 and they are analysing the feedback received and will revise the Draft Local Plan accordingly. The revised Local Plan will then be published for a six week period June/July 2017.  There will be an opportunity at this stage to make representations on the, ‘soundness’ of the Local Plan, i.e. whether the Council has followed the correct procedures and stages as set out by Planning legislation.

In November 2017 the Council will then submit the Draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspector for independent examination, and subject to any alterations required by the Inspector, the aim is for this to be adopted by Autumn 2018.

Programme for Neighbourhood Plan (January 2017)
Chigwell Parish Council received the responses to consultations on their Draft Neighbourhood Plan in November 2016 and are currently awaiting analysis of those results.  As traffic is a key issue in this area they have commissioned a traffic survey to add to the evidence base of their plan.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan differs significantly from the EFDC Local Plan and further consultations are needed with EFDC. 

The final plan will need to be submitted to a government Planning inspector for ratification; no date has been set for this as yet.

If approved as sound by the Planning Inspector the plan will be subject to a ballot by all residents in Chigwell and only if this is approved by a majority of voters can this be put forward for inclusion in the Local Plan as an alternative to the EFDC proposal contained in the current draft Local Plan.


Beis Shammai Has New Owners (December 2016)
We were pleased to welcome to a recent committee meeting representatives of the new owners of the Beis Shammai School and they are keen to be part of our community make contact with residents in Chigwell. It is now to be a community centre catering for the needs of an area Hindu Group connected to the Neasden Temple.  The buildings will be refurbished internally to meet their needs and there will also be sports facilities outside. They have already been busy tidying up the site and have kindly agreed to Chigwell Primary School using the car park at school drop off and picking up times.

This of course will mean that the site is no longer available as a designated housing site which appeared in the Draft Chigwell Neighbourhood and Epping Forest Local Plans.


Current CRA Events

Next Committee Meeting:  5th March 2018

Annual General Meeting:  3rd April 2018


Summary of the CRA Annual General Meeting (20th April 2017).
The meeting at St Mary’s Hall commenced at 8 pm, with local councillors present being introduced. Deborah Hall, who is stepping down, was thanked for her years of service on the CRA Committee.

The Treasurer reported that finances remain sound, and the annual income from subscriptions continued to cover the basic costs of running the Association. We have £4209.74 in our Deposit Account and £1579.97 in our Current Account. Our honorary Auditor, BA Patel is retiring after auditing our accounts free of charge for many years, and we thank him for his work
The Chairman reminded the meeting that he was stepping down, as were Peter and Katharine Garner as Treasurer and Membership Secretary respectively, and that therefore these vacancies needed to be filled for the Association to continue. Several members of the Committee were standing again, and Jacquie MacLeod was prepared to become Treasurer and Janet Hutchins to become Membership Secretary.

Jamie Braha was proposed and seconded as Chairman, and unanimously elected. Rhys Jones, Keith Lakey, Chris Jolly were all willing to continue to serve on the Committee and re elected. Tracey Seagood joins the Committee, and Arlene Hopkin volunteered to become Secretary. All were thanked for their willingness to work on behalf of the CRA. 

Cllr Knapman gave an updated summary of the current situations regarding the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the EFDC Local Plan. He said that there remain fundamental discrepancies between the 2 Plans, particularly in the desire shown in the LP to put large numbers of houses on open spaces at Limes Farm and Chigwell Convent. He said that the NDP of Chigwell Council was opposed to any development on either, and also wanted a much reduced number (to those of the LP) on the Chigwell Nursery site for the same reasons, namely to stop communities merging; and to avoid creating further traffic bottlenecks at already overcrowded venues.

He reported that West Hatch School is increasing its intake numbers by two forms, which will add further congestion. The traffic survey commissioned by CPC has been completed and should add strength to the arguments against development at these pinch points.

He believes that the planners at EFDC are the ones pushing for these developments, and that EFDC councillors will be more persuadable that building on open spaces is not the solution. There are further meetings with district councillors this weekend. He felt that the portfolio holder wants to have a LP which will be accepted, and therefore will be amenable to looking at sites in Chigwell which are smaller and more hidden. However, there is still no total of numbers of houses to be allocated to Chigwell (or at which sites) being given by EFDC, much to residents frustration and concern.

He said that it seems there may be the possibility of building more houses on the Guide site at Chigwell Row, the proposal being that houses built there remain more affordable. There is a linked scheme to build a primary school there, which would mean that Chigwell Row children would not have to transfer to Chigwell Primary School at 8 years (making more places available at both for local children).

JK said that there is discussion about knocking down a former care home on Lambourne Road and building about 25 assisted places homes, which will help Chigwell achieve its target of homes required and also address the shortage of places for the older age group.
Peter Garner asked when would residents get to vote on the NDP? JK replied that it would have to be before it was declared “sound”, and that a 51% majority of those voting would be required to take it forward to become a part of the LP.

Rhys Jones asked about the plan to build 650 homes (including 250 starter and 250 retirement) on Woolston Manor. JK said that it remained only a plan at the moment, with no application submitted. He said that if it ever became a planning application, then Chigwell’s NDP would not necessarily be needed to be implemented, and at that point the CPC would involve residents in further consultation. It should not go into the NDP as well as the housing sites already proposed in it. He felt that any housing at Woolston Manor might also be used to help contribute to numbers required for Loughton or Theydon Bois.
He was asked by a resident from Dickens Rise about the 32 houses to be built near to Chigwell Primary School as funding for its refurbishment, and he confirmed that these were not included in the NDP.

In questions on local issues, dissatisfaction was voiced about the continuing number of potholes not repaired, and the fact that even when work was done that nearby potholes were still left. JK said that the ECC Highways Dept had given a 10 year contract which was proving very unsatisfactory, imposing an inflexible scheme of work that didn’t respond to lately reported potholes, even those close by ongoing work. He was angered that a proposal by Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill and Loughton to together employ a team of 3 to tackle local holes had been turned down, and the inefficient system continued. He and Cllr Lion suggested that residents lobbied Gagan Mohindra, standing for Essex CC, to keep raising the issue on their behalf.
It was asked if Domino Pizza had been granted permission to use the former HSBC shop on Brook Parade, but this has been refused. It is not known if they will reapply, seeking an earlier closing time.

JK was asked about any proposal for a one way system around Station Road. He said the prices quoted on the schemes so far proposed were too high.

He reported that on the plans for Victory Hall, they were getting towards agreement about the land behind, but there were still many details to discuss, including the position of any houses at that site.

He said that the bus service was planned to start in January 2019. The first tranches of financial contributions from developers were now in, and councillors were looking to order the buses.
There were presentations to the retiring Chairman, and to the retiring Treasurer and Membership Secretary, with thanks expressed for their contributions to their work for the CRA on behalf of the community.

The meeting concluded at 9.30 pm.

E Bow.